The discussion will centre around a close look at choosing the right point of view for your novel and why this is an essential decision in the early stages of planning and writing the first draft of a novel. Learn how to keep on keeping on in this practical class with Tim Lott, author of eight novels. Learn how to create and deliver high-quality presentations that make leave a lasting impression with audiences, clients and colleagues. Some writers plot a whole novel in advance; others are more intuitive. Learn the ropes of data visualisation The essentials of infographic storytelling. Submissions can only be made electronically and should be emailed to: Deadline submission of final assessment piece to include optional proposal — this will be edited but not graded.

Are there important things we can learn about our current assumptions about biography by looking at examples from the past? Refunds will not be given to students who miss sessions or drop out of the course once the full fee has been paid. Another exercise will loosen up our dialogue muscles and show that these problems are not insurmountable. Weeks 22 — When does a story emerge and how can you shape it?

Should the two voices be the same?

guardian uea creative writing masterclass

Workshop focusing on character and dialogue This workshop will focus on the people of the novel and how they talk.

Learn the basics of blockchain and cryptocurrency in this comprehensive non-technical course, and how you can use it to advance your business.

How to turn your idea into a novel

uae Workshopping Five more writers present word section of their final submission for workshopping. Whatever your starting point, your prose style can improve with practice and indeed change from story to story. Keep on keeping on How not to give up on your novel. Each student will bring in a short fiction extract of their choice that has inspired them in some way. Can it be made to fit one?


Sessions may change depending on the needs of the group – any changes will be discussed with the group before confirmation. We will consider the role of dialogue in this. Guarcian Roffey is an award-winning writer, born in Trinidad. You will also have met professionals within the field, including a guest author, editor and agent. Learn how to create and deliver high-quality presentations that make leave a lasting impression with audiences, clients and colleagues.

A masterclass for novelists. Starting a novel is easy, finishing it is hard — the greatest challenge to would-be novelists is commitment. How do I know?

Participants wfiting the course will be asked to purchase a small number of texts. We will focus our discussion by drawing on a single example of a cradle-to-grave biography that we will agree on in the first session of the course and all have read by this session. Please note that no correspondence will be entered into with unsuccessful candidates. Workshop focusing on plotting, and capturing the first draft of a novel This workshop will focus on the process before approaching a fist draft.

Healthcare and Social Science. In the role of tutor I like to feel I’m ‘at the coalface’ of literature – helping masterclqss work on their manuscripts.

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Developed in partnership with the British Council, Caravan magazine, and the Kolkata Literary Meet these masterckass are for students who wish to develop their skills as writers of creative non-fiction through a series of intensive workshops, tutorials, lectures, public talks and other events. From weeks the focus will be on the development of individual projects through workshop discussion. Each member of the group will be asked to present their project in terms of a short pitch.


Homework for next week is reading the work of guest author. Workshopping Workshop devoted to five of the writers and their 2, words. What is the difference between plot and story?

guardian uea creative writing masterclass

You might be afraid of them or in love with them, estranged or close. I’m certain it will be an extremely valuable experience for those participating. By the end of this course students will have a final draft that can be presented to an agent and editors and the course directors will give advice on whom to approach. There will be an extended discussion about the nature and purpose of the course, the language of giving and receiving constructive critical feedback, the expectations, ambitions and intentions of the group.

When do you know that your story is completed?

Level 1: How to tell a story

From prize-winning creative non-fiction to celebrity tell-alls and confessional misery-lit, memoirs have generated critical exaltation, controversy and some serious sales.

We will look at the subtleties between first and third person narratives, omniscient narratives, free indirect style, and reliable and unreliable narrators. Within four weeks you receive pass OR fail.