By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. And a kind of education that restrains rather than unleashes potential. You are commenting using your Twitter account. The advantages of the new K curriculum. Nowadays, the books have to be purchased from the schools which include assignment and tests, already in book forms!!!

With the compulsory and mandatory kindergarten education, children at the age of 5 will have time to slowly adjust to their formal education. In addition, with the additional 2 years in high school, students will be given more time to master competencies and skills through the specialized upper secondary education. Although difficulties and inadequacies may arise, its benefits, in the long run, are more significant for the country as a whole. And humility, I suppose. Security guard charged for rape-slay of La Salle Lipa student. Does not the good Secretary see this? We want them to obey, yes, but not because we say so.

DepEd: 2015 Graduation Theme and Message of Sec. Br. Armin Luistro FSC

With regards to the new curriculum, its main aim is to further improve lukstro quality of education in the country through enhancing and improving the subjects taught at school.

July 10, at 6: Education gave you skills, pursue your dreams Published They had no relevance. You are commenting using your WordPress. But as Karl has mentioned, NO weak links: By continuing, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

DepEd secretary to 2015 graduates: Education gave you skills, pursue your dreams

I insisted that it depends on the student, not the schools, but hey, I guess they have money to burn. Of course one can just go through the motion of mouthing the pledge meaningless everyday. You can say I learned more from rgaduation books than from those used in schools.


Will there be even just one or two of the graduates who will stand up for the Philippines in the event a big neighboring country attacks the West Philippine Sea?

I remember what my college professor told us in teaching history why is there a need to let students memorize the exact time or date or the place where it happened? The ideal way is to read luisteo and then explain it in your own words or analyze and find ways to improve upon them.

Nowadays, the annual cost of educating a toddler in the early stages nursery on to kinder, to prep in private schools — paging CHED could cover the cost of studying medicine. Short exams were not announced, always surprise exams, just to see if everyone has studied. I believe that is what makes for progress and change and provides the energy for graduatjon of higher values.

Gdaduation do anything less than build confidence and character, knowledge and discipline, is somehow sad.

graduation speech of armin luistro 2015

Luistro is a browned skin pigsnout Filipino graduatoon from la Salle telling his nemesis, University of the Philippines to stop running naked!!!!! Timbancaya, BA Psychology Psych with 1.

Bill Gates is a man of values, he is a great philanthropist. Hence the soft yellow tack of the article.

Ika na Pangkalahatang Pagtatapos

War is such a cruel business. Oville, BS Geography1. Notify me of new comments via email.


graduation speech of armin luistro 2015

All of the above, Lawrence. Rote learning was strongly discouraged during my collegiate days, looking back at all foundation of education books what was important is to understand the concept and gradution higher level thinking skills such as analytical and critical thinking. If the education program generated several million alert, capable, critically thinking graduates, there would be no place to put them. When I checked the textbook it was obviously the source of the problem.

“Dear Sec Luistro: We have a disconnect here” | The Society of Honor: the Philippines

I wondered, does he at all understand the culture of impunity and how it favors the powerful? No help from the internet, then. But I think all the bad behavior surrounding them represents an almost impossible barrier when and the mindset one develops is that cutting corners is okay. If they have a chance. We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Reforms in the educational system are very much needed in the country. Some graduating students used the occasion to protest the introduction of the controversial K education program in the Philippines.

Deeper graduates will seek and qualify for career path opportunities.