Holidays Holidays List Session – 18 Copyright Holiday homework guru harkrishan public school india gate. Students were judged on the basis of speed and neatness and their knowledge of Divinity. Independence Day Celebration New Delhi. Diwali celebration For Diwali celebration in school, Nursery class children made cards for their parents with diya and candles depicted the festival of lights.

Search for Homework India. It was children’s zeal and vigor that motivated us to merge ourselves in this light and enjoy Diwali. All the students participated in a writing competition on the topic How can I help keep my city clean followed by talks and presentations during the morning assembly. The School Principal Mrs. Davinderjeet Kaur Dhingra who motivated all to follow the footsteps of the 6th Guru Hargobind Sahibji who helped free 52 Kings. Being an educational institute, we take upon ourselves to spread literacy among the masses.

The chairperson of Aarohan Ms.

K inspired the budding athletes with his encouraging words. The Guru laid down the tradition of living in dignity and dying with honour and paved the way for the tradition of martyrdom in sikh history. The magnificent aura and chimerical structure of this place mesmerized everyone ‘ s senses and took them to the world of fantasies. They were indua happy.

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Say No to Crackers: Enthusiastic performances by GHPS students marked the day. The participants get their house coloured patkas. It was conducted with a view to promote independence and confidence in students so that they are best prepared for the world of work or further training. K Dhingra lauded and blessed the students for their impressive performance. After assembly students indulged in various activities like Gurbani recitation, kirtan recitation, turban tying, painting, correct punjabi pronunciationbasic knowledge of Gurumukhi script.


holiday homework ghps india gate

Students were judged on the basis of speed and neatness and their knowledge homewoork Divinity. It is a campaign to recognize, inspire and celebrate excellence related to cleanliness, sanitation and hygiene practices in public and private schools within Delhi, Mumbai, Bangaluru.

They performed activities like river crossing, rappelling and team building. Not only did they sway to the dance sequences presented by the Pre – Nursery students, but also participated wholeheartedly in the One Minute Games organized for them, which included tying a tie to her spouse by the grandmother, making a floral string and adorning it on his wifes bun by the grandfather and singing songs for each other.

Speak in English Give up hatred.

They were very excited about the competition. Dhingra lauded the efforts of our students for their brilliant performance.

ghps india gate holiday homework 2015

This was followed by Ardaas Sahib. The Council team was presented with their official badges and certificates by the honourable President S.

ghps india gate holiday homework 2015

Gurvinder Pal SinghChairman Advisory committeefocused on the different courses and stream available for students and the criteria for selection to different streams was also highlighted. Overall, it was a memorable day not only for our guests but also for the school.


Davinderjeet Kaur Dhingra congratulated everyone for their great efforts to put up the show. A Power Point presentation was prepared by the young learners keeping in view the consequent economic growth of homeworm country.

This performance was accompanied by various colourful, interesting charts and models. Discrepant event such as Springboards hholiday learning were also explained. The resource person, Mr. The occasion was graced by the presence President S. Jagish Rathore, Technical Consultant of ‘Eicher’ company.

holiday homework ghps india gate

Prize Distribution Ceremony was held wherein Medals and Certificates were given to achievers in the fields of sports and cultural activities.

A special assembly was conducted in which the students of class XII commenced the day by paying a tribute to the great teacher Dr. Free Essays In French Language. Holiday Homework for Classes I-V. Bidding adieu to our primary teacher Mrs Harjit Kaur Ghai.

The Personality Development capsule course boosted the confidence homewori the students and polished their public speaking skills.