Before encountering problems, they should think about some effective solution for the potential problems. Do not is too optimistic to a different new market. This dimension mentions two differences between the USA and France: Malaysia citizens are very familiar with the Disney characters as the cartoon is aired on national television. To be successful Tokyo Disneyland took several steps. One of the lessons Euro Disney faced was putting the park in charge of a French local Bourguignon. Locating the Theme Park near Paris and acquiring agricultural land as well as imposing the U.

London Pitman Publishing Ltd. Euro Disney Case Study. However, such magic story did not continue. France has a somewhat feminine culture. For instance, people from all over Europe could travel quickly to Paris due to short distance and travel convenience like people from Germany or Spain could quickly and conveniently arrive in Paris.

In the case of Disneyland, this type of thinking led them to perform very little market testing when preparing for the move to Europe and ultimately to neglect the market research that was acquired.

This culture refers one in which people are accorded status based hofstdee how ell they perform their functions. The proposed plan will create new jobs.

euro disneyland case study hofstede

The following paragraph will indicate some mistakes which lead to the failure of Euro Disneyland. Every possible situation should be taken into consideration. In other words, Americans, so to speak, all show their masculine drive individually.

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By contrast the Sisneyland State has a lower power distance. Euro Disney decision to open its Theme Park near Paris has caused a negative publicity in the sight of many French politicians, they have objected the existence of Theme Parks in the center of their French culture since the park has been viewed as a visible symbol of the U. Intense, Walt Disney competes with several large players such as Merlin Group, Universal Studios and Parquets Reunidos along with some regional players.


In other word if they have connections they get a better status. Also if Disney had controlled better the controllable forces, price and promotion for example, they would have a better initial experience.

French culture cade activities like smoking, drinking, and eating. Disney seems to be learning greatly from their European experiences. They took further loans and investment and increased its attributes and surprisingly finally it got the visitors attraction.

This is quite different from American who usually walks on the street with lunch on their hands. The dosneyland price forced consumers to switch to its lower priced competitors.

Certainly language poses a problem for the company. At the time it was one of the biggest and most innovative parks in the world.

euro disneyland case study hofstede

How do cultural variables influence the location choice of theme parks around the world? Top-of-the-mind tourist destination in Europe with excellent brand presence due to association with Walt Disney Strength 6.

Malaysia has a lot of theme parks and comparing with other country, the admission fees are a lot cheaper. Based on its experience, what are three lessons the company should have learned about how to deal with diversity? As a consequence, the perceived context in which Americans find themselves will impact their behavior more than if the culture would have either scored higher or lower.


Revise target audience, stake on category as more profitable and solvent than families with children. If you contact us after hours, we’ll get back to you in 24 hours or less.

Euro Disney Case Essay

In brief, the two prime dimensions could explain hardly the ethics in different cultures. In Individualist societies people are only supposed to look after themselves and their direct ekro. Disney made a handbook of detailed rules on acceptable clothing, hairstyles, and jewelry.

The proposed location put the park within 4-hours drive for around 68 million people, and 2 hours flight for a further million or so.

Pragmatism long term orientation This dimension describes how people in the past, as well as today, relate to the fact that so much of what happens around us cannot be explained. In addition to these, Disney must address the typical US vs. Malaysia studt remains as a safe country for foreign investment.


US scores higher on Individualism. Already, the company has been successful in Tokyo. The Disney merchandise is also widely available for sale in the shopping complex.