Tuesday 4pm – 6pm Content: Social protection for migrants in Europe Migrants enjoy some, but typically not all social protections afforded to the native born population. Amerikas Siegeszug im Europa des Lloyd, with a Foreword by Ch. Participants are supposed to do joint work in groups of up to three students. It focuses on surveillance programms, border technologies, humanitarian design, legal regulations, contingency plans, and forms of risk management inter alia. Political Economy of Environmental Policy 6.

In this seminar, we will discuss some of these issues with reference to their representation in American literature and film. Was erinnern wir, was vergessen wir? Encyclopedia of Religion I, hg. Based on inputs of the lecturer, the reading of short theoretical texts and field research examples as well as practical exercises, an insight into ethnological working in fields will be given which pose special challenges e. Students are encouraged to bring their own devices preferably laptops or tablets rather than mobile phones to access this plus additional material online.

Semester Classes

So bring your questions to the seminar. Hesiod, Works and Days. Studierende der Empirischen Kulturwissenschaft im 1.

Geschichtete stichprobe beispiel essay Geschichtete stichprobe beispiel essay nicole reisch dissertation help socializing online politlkwissenschaft editing essay writing on guru purnima. Theories of Migration Further readings: Main Content Semester Classes Foto: This means that this seminar will deal with the crusades and its memory form historical, political and intercultural aspects, presenting examples from sources, literature, and media of the Middle East and the Arab world.


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An Introduction to Literary and Cultural Theory. Amerikanisierung und Westernisierung, in: Dementsprechend werden vier Schwerpunkte gesetzt: In the second part of the seminar, we will discuss interventions aimed at promoting a positive development of children and adolescents with migration background e. Economics of the Common Good.

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Some good starting points: Participants can either work individually or in groups of up to three students. Contact details Course lecturer: Disease, Space and Biopolitics, Wiley This lecture class will trace some of the most important historical and cultural developments in North America. Harvard University Pressonline. In modern times, the scholars Adam Smith 18th century CE and Jeremy Bentham 18th to 19th century CEwho themselves had an education in the Classics, developed the theory that human beings in general pursue their own benefit.

essay politikwissenschaft marburg

The following topics shall be discussed in more detail: Overview of Environmental and Resource Economics 2. Edited and translated by Glenn W. It is possible that you will not downright understand all texts that we are going to read.

essay politikwissenschaft marburg

The unique composition of expertise in the seminar will enable all participants to see the common ground and to identify discipline-specific points of view. Global Public Health Vigilance: Write down open questions and bring them to the seminar.


Im gesamten Verlauf des Moduls werden politikwlssenschaft erlernten Methodenkompetenzen an praktischen Beispielen trainiert.

All forms of credit that the philosophy department allows except for class presentations will be accepted.

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And what do answers imply for the past and the future with respect to our ability to prevent events from occurring or bring them about? Recommended literature is listed below, although students are welcome to research additional sources. Das System der deutschen KonzentrationslagerBruno Apitz: This week we focus on theories that aim to explain migration.

The anxiety about pathogenic agents goes hand in hand with a heightened concern for the material contacts that bind humans with microbes, animals and things.

We begin by looking at migration more generally, to then focus on the often contested relationship between migration and welfare states.

For this term paper, you will work on a self-chosen topic that is related to the seminar topics. Participants are supposed to do joint work in groups of up to three students.