My love of adventure is natural to me of course, the degree of love varies from person to person. The tourist resort of Bhurban is located here. Best view of simli lake is from Ban Karor Road near Bassi. The view below simply seemed to be a fairyland. Running clouds, blowing breeze and bird eye view of Murree Hills.

I would like to narrate the most memorable visit to a hill station. There were tall green trees growing along the road and on the slopes of the hills. A road full of life, hotels, r estaurants, handicraft shops and happy faces. Sight Seeing from Pindi to Murree: We reached Murree at night. The chairlifts provided at Ghora Daka is a matter of great attraction. The trip came to an end.

People use to visit Pearl Continental Hotel Bhurban which is on beautiful location. We wanted to catch a ,urree early to get back home.

Our Trip to Murree Hills Essay Example for Free – Sample words

The park area was expanded through a northern extension in to 3, hectares. Wild life, including stahion, cheetah, monkeys and a great variety of birds is known to be found in the thickly afforested slopes.

It has four distinguishable seasons. The whole Murree Galliat region is known throughout South Asia for its scenic beauty and fascinating greenery.

Paragraph on memorable journey in hill station Murree

Chair lift is open from 9am till 6 pm. The basic facilities which are available here consists of many hotels, schools and colleges, medical centres, and well equipped markets. Noor ul ain July 7, at 8: Different tracks passing through lush green virgin forests are available for the tourists. We hired a bus and left for Murree at nightfall.


Rhesus Monkeys wait to be fed by curious tourists who may have arrived from busy urban areas and have never seen wildlife so close and taking food from them.

essay a visit to a hill station murree

Natural springs abound Changlagali on the slopes and their water is stored in reservoirs to provide water supply for Murree and adjoining areas. Murree is one of the largest resort statiin in the Galyat area of Pakistan, and is the capital city of Murree Tehsil which is an administrative division of the Rawalpindi District. A great jungle starts there. Just walk in the direction where most of the tourists are going. It was a novel experience for us. A visit to the hills fills one with the inspiration and glory of God.

A Visit To A Hill Station

The valley below hills looked like a great cup full of flowers and flowing streams. In an area of 1, hectares of mountain forest was declared as a national park, with the aim of preserving the mudree forest and biodiversity. Murree and its surrounding areas are covered with thick layer of snow during most part of the season.

essay a visit to a hill station murree

We stayed in Murree for three days. The road runs through virgin forests and is more safe and smooth to drive on as compared to historical Rawalpindi-Srinagar Highway which used to be the only ezsay between Murree and Islamabad and still provides important link to Murree.


I felt as if I were in Heaven paradise itself. The atmosphere of this spot is good for health that’s why the major sanatorium of TB is established here. The area visitt densely populated by a large variety of trees and plants and inhabited by various kinds of wild life species specially birds, butterflies and monkeys.

In the foreground, to the north-east rise the green slopes of Miran Jani Mountain. We enjoyed jurree to modern Pakistani and Western music.

Cool wind was blowing Birds were diving up and down on the waves of cool breeze.

essay a visit to a hill station murree

We went to the window and were amazed. I wished that I had a hut there. Temperature mostly hovers around the freezing point. The bus reached Murree in the afternoon.

First among them is Khairagali. Simli dam is one of those gems, hidden deep among the mountains, that this region is so famous for. TDCP develop this spot and hhill it attractive for picnic. It is 15 minutes walk from mall road.