In practice, the employer brand can be seen as an attempt by the employer to define the psychological contract with employees so as to help recruiting and retaining talent Millmore et al. The brand image can therefore either be an asset or a liability to an organisation as it is the image of the organisation that determines the level of attraction with potential employees. Synes godt om dette: Statistics concerning percentage of population fulfilling higher education programmes can help us portray and determine the level of influence these parameters have on companies. The purpose of creating an employer brand is to outline the positive benefits for employees of buying into the relationship with that employer. Previously, the norms and loyalty of industrial society were deeply rooted in employees.

If defined in financial terms, the value of the employer brand should be measured in the same way as any other investment which is by calculating the future cash flows generated from the investment conducting for instance a net present value analysis. Typically, these will be unskilled workers and craftsmen and since they are not the target for employer branding one cannot argue that the demand for employer branding is directly influenced by financial trends. Therefore, we find the values of the employer increasingly important. This is worth considering when determining whether or not to implement an employer branding strategy. A knowledge report is part of the annual report, but is descriptive and explains the quality of soft and intangible assets. The other states that:


The EVP should include the most important aspects of the employer brand identity and the elements of differentiation. The attributes of this element are the objective and technical facts about the job which typically are to be found in a formal contract.

employer branding thesis themen

The initial outlay of implementing the strategy is possible to determine and consists of costs such as salary to people working on developing the brand, potential consultancy fees, marketing costs for external and internal communication campaigns, and costs of HR initiatives in order to enhance organisational culture. The values not only represent the way in emp,oyer the company operates, however, also the way in which they view themselves, and want to be perceived as a company.


He characterises this group as:. The EVP can be considered the first promise made by organisations about employment and therefore, the psychological contract must be regarded. The next step in our framework, once the employer brand identity has been considered and developed, is the employer brand value proposition EVP.

employer branding thesis themen

One way in which the companies have an opportunity to explain the value of the resources possessed by employees, and thereby the value of attracting the right applicants and retaining the current employees which is what employer branding is about, is through a knowledge report. The espoused values are typically communicated through formal documents and are visible in the artefacts Millmore et al. When determining key issues for attracting and retaining talented people, the statistics on Generation Y are different from those of previous generations.

Evaluation of employer branding on hospitality and tourism

Functional benefits describe the objective terms of employment such as salary and benefits whereas symbolic benefits relate to alternative benefits perceived by employees as interesting and attractive such as innovativeness or a pleasant social environment. Examples of these are organisational values, mission and vision, and corporate opinion on society and environment, essentially referring to corporate social responsibility CSR activities.

The student survey conducted contains two parts.

This is by all the companies done by calculating the costs of not implementing employer branding. As a final point, it is vital as a way to maintain focus after a movie.

It should be noted though that the interaction between the two are central.

employer branding thesis themen

All the companies in our cases are privately owned by stockholders which means that the overall goals of the companies are to create shareholder value. Aaker suggests that a brand identity consists of four elements, which together can help create a differentiated identity Aaker, The search for answers will take its point-of-departure within statistics concerning the following areas:.

Use these powerful lessons on your observations using the principal. Loyalty and commitment from current employees positively affects the organisational culture influencing the EVP, which then enhances the organisation-person fit.


Backhaus and Tikoo present two different definitions: Du kommenterer med din Facebook konto. We have established the importance of coherence between internal and external communication in theory. Summary In this report, employer branding and war for talent literature are reviewed, as well as the main conjunction points related to topic with strategic human resource management and recruitment research.

Combining this measure with the employee turnover rate gives a solid measure of the cost of not attracting the right applicants. If a respondent has ranked a parameter as 1 the answer receives a score of one pointif ranked 2 a score of two points etc.

Additionally there are costs to be saved in relation to time and salary to the person in charge themdn recruitment and selection if the percentage of relevant applications is enhanced. As the importance of expressing ones identity does not have to do with the factors previously elaborated on, we believe the demand for employer branding will be consistent if not increasing in the future.

The figure above depicts total number of live births in Denmark Statistics Den-mark, If the organisation has a well-known logo, it will be evident in this benefit.

At this point in our framework we would like to highlight what we believe an organisation should consider in order to have the most effective and successful communication of thesiss employer brand.

One should understand that the synergy can also take a negative turn becoming a vicious circle where disloyalty and lack of commitment result in attraction of the wrong people and so on.

Employer branding thesis themen

Otherwise it can be considered a breach of the psychological contract affecting the rest of the process negatively. Therefore, 10 parameters have been htemen up. Collecting people data such as age, gender, education, seniority etc.