The second part of a first-class thesis, called a literature review , must centre on current issues that pertain to your particular research area or topic, practice and theory. Proper Referencing A first-class research proposal will include a detailed list of any references you have used throughout your research. Any theses or dissertations written in support of management or business studies must include clearly developed management and business practice strategies. For example, if the dissertation is written in , the news and journal articles should be no older than , unless they are key texts and papers which have shaped the issue in question. This initial section of a first-class dissertation should include a background of the particular study, and it is often one of the hardest sections to write.

A first-class thesis or dissertation should also not include an excessive use of technical language. You will lose marks for submitting a paper that contains numerous errors and has not been proofread and corrected. Want us to call you? Password recovery link has been sent to your email. Please enter a valid email address or phone number. Please enter a valid phone number.

Submit the request below and a friendly advisor will call you back within 10 minutes! It is also crucial that students verify the accuracy and reliability of any secondary data sources. To achieve a high grade, you should endeavor to complete a comprehensive search using solid tertiary sources. Mark the check box to proceed. Some recommended sources for the literature review include newspapers, the news, textbooks and journal articles.

A general background section is also provided to introduce the reader to your actual proposal.


dissertation structure bcu

If strucyure have any concerns or questions, be sure to discuss them with your supervisor. If possible, try to find a friend or fellow-student in the same position with whom you can swap dissertations for proof-reading. This initial section of a first-class dissertation should include a background of the particular study, and it is often one of the hardest sections to write.

A well-written introduction will motivate and interest the reader, whilst a poorly worded introduction will have the exact opposite effect. Start with an uncluttered question then unpeel the layers in your reading and writing.

Your academic institution will most likely grant you access to a wide variety of electronic journals. If your first language is not English, this is going visit to paris essay in french be a problem because your English will almost certainly not be up to the task.

Your supervisors play a vital role in getting a dissertatoin grade for your dissertation.

This will form the basis of your research project, dissertation or thesiswhich can play an integral part in your professional and academic future. Please enter a valid email address or phone number. Wait for discounts and special offers!

dissertation structure bcu

This enables you to justify your reasoning for choosing each dixsertation research method. If you want to achieve a first-class grade, this section should include empirical research and theoretical material, and it should also identify any principal gaps in the literature currently available. Chinese version available — click to switch. Update your browser to view this website correctly.

dissertation structure bcu

Business research books are are commended source to investigate the various research methods that can be used. Online Dissertation Helpviewed November 10 ,http: Regardless of the actual word count, you should ensure that the content of your strjcture proposal is succinct and relevant.


A clear, concise writing style is recommended for writing such an academic document.

Dissertation structure bcu

We value your privacy. It’s due in a month’s time I tend to structure the writing part till late anyway and I’m not worried about that. To ensure you are on the right track, you should discuss your research proposal with your supervisors. How to Write a Successful Dissertation Proposal.

It bcu a section where you show your readers how you gathered your structures that you have used in the paper. A solid, well-written thesis will be clearly expressed, specific and arguable. This is perfectly acceptable, as long as you can create a specific hypothesis or research questions that you can actually manage.

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You can also consult the Internet or library for relevant guidelines and advice on writing academic documents. You should also develop each of your paragraphs properly and include appropriate linking phrases or words to guide the reader through the various sections of the thesis. The author of a thesis can choose to adopt qualitative, rather disserration quantitative research methods.