Continuous assessment by coursework is used together with the examination marks for classing the students at the end of each year. Although Part IA is not designed to be taken alone, undergraduates may change to other subjects after one year, and indeed they must do if they wish to take the three-year course leading to the Chemical Engineering Tripos. Typical examples of approved plans include internships with engineering firms, which will enhance the student’s skills and knowledge for their Part II specialism. When there are several readings to enter, arrange these in tabular form, and make sure that the column headings show the quantity measured and the units used. After i iterations the root let’s call it x i , i. Your feedback is essential for informing the development of the Tripos.

Finally please complete the coursework section of the online survey during the year. See the Department’s statement on assessment types for an explanation of the differences between formative and summative assessment activities and details of how you can expect to receive feedback on your performance throughout the course. Mechanics, structures, materials, fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, electrical engineering, electronics, information, control, mathematics. Any enquiries should be addressed to the Director of Undergraduate Education. More information may be available Each team member is individually responsible for a particular sub-system, e.

You can access the fields, called membersusing the ‘. The type of element that the vector holds is written between the triangle brackets. However, many of the suggested adjustments are just good educational practice, so represent things we should be doing anyway as a Department that takes pride in the excellence of its teaching.

You may have heard the phrase “a double first”, which means that a first class was achieved in two sets of examinations corresponding to two different Parts of Triposes. Cambridge University Disability Resource Centre has some standard recommendations for appropriate academic support for such students.


The systems in place for examination papers are not designed to provide detailed feedback and are incompatible with this. In addition to the rigorous internal quality control, the entire process is scrutinised by the External Examiners, experienced academics from other universities. The following code displays a colourful triangle on the screen.

cued 1b coursework

Educationally it is always preferable to rearrange coursework missed through illness, and this should be attempted wherever practicable.

Hard copies of handouts will be available in each laboratory. Lab work is designed to reinforce the treatment of topics covered in lectures. The student concerned should try to rearrange the coursework cuef advance.

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Coursework activities Term Coursework No. Tab correctly indents the current line. Students must also fulfil the industrial experience requirement. The intialiser, condition, and post statement are determined by the answers to these questions. This information is extracted from the University’s guidance on the Cambridge MA.

All lab courzework and technicians have been made aware of this procedure and will have the relevant materials ready for collection. Each team member is individually responsible for a particular sub-system, e.

Students staying with the Engineering Tripos specialise in a chosen engineering coufsework. Students work in teams clursework six to design, build and test a mobile robot vehicle as an integrated design project IDP. In the exercises to come you will need to store variables in containers with sizes that change at run time.

cued 1b coursework

Changing the procedures to enable detailed feedback to students would mean compromising on other aspects, which would impact on delivery of the list of candidates in accurate rank order.


More information may be available The Engineering Tripos is an Integrated Masters, a four-year degree which extends undergraduate studies to Masters level. All students undertake 20 experiments, as listed below. The material in these selected topics is not a prerequisite for third-year courses, although some preliminary reading may be expected by those who have not taken a topic.

Students taking MET specialise completely in manufacturing engineering and management. Parts IA and IB provide a coherent basic course of the principles underlying engineering science as a whole.

Experiments Computing Integrated coursework Integrated design project.

Documentation for IB Computing Exercises (2016-17)

Various tasks, typical of those faced by the automated guided vehicles used in modern manufacturing plants, are set for the vehicles. This is because our number of students per year is quite large, so the statistics of large cooursework make the overall student performance far more consistent than any individual examiner can ever be when setting and marking questions. Other members of the University, staff or students, can self-enrol as observer and gain access to handouts and other documents made available to the students by the lecturers.

Colleges arrange supervisions on these topics. Remember that departures from expected behaviour can be more interesting and thought-provoking than results that fit the predictions exactly. You can obtain help from a demonstrator in the laboratory or your supervisor.