As part of that review, we will also discuss next steps and self-marketing suggestions. We ask that a story outline and sample chapter be submitted in advance. Explore the world through fiction, drama, film, poetry, non-fiction, and memoir. Since the early s he has served as a literary editor, manuscript reader, and writing workshop instructor. Bravo and thank you! For further information, contact Richard Lemm at or rlemm upei.

Rick Wilks co-founded Annick Press in and has been its sole director since It helped me see what my writing was missing, which, in the words of one of the presenters, was to “just let go and see what happens. The Theatre Society organizes many different social events, and also mounts its own shows. Our foremost priorities are to encourage creative writing on the Island, to co-operate with writers’ groups on the Island and across Canada, and, above all, to provide artistic training and editorial guidance for beginning and developing writers. There will be lots of time for questions.

Rick Wilks co-founded Annick Press in and has been its sole director since Sarah Sawler is a publicist, author, and freelance writer living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I came to the Humber PEI writing workshop with many ideas, but had no direction. If you are wrriting person who loves to read, you’ve come to the right place.

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Every English major and Honours student, and every English interested minor, is matched with a faculty mentor who will help guide you through your program. In the past, UPEI students have taken an active role in these meetings, including presenting papers. In addition to writing and promoting her own books, Sarah markets other people’s books as the publicist for Conundrum Press, a literary graphic novel publisher based in Wolfville, Nova Scotia.


She was appointed the first editorial director of Penguin Books Canada and went on to become president and publisher. Formal writing opportunities allow students to learn the formats characteristic of a discipline, such as a research report, a critical essay, an essay examination, or a laboratory report.

She’s also a former bookseller; years of experience at Woozles Children’s Bookstore provided her with valuable insight into everything from cover design to merchandising. You also can learn more about our courses below, by reading the Department’s Calendar Supplement, which is updated annually and available on the right of this page, or by clicking on the link to department site on the right.

A joy of reading experience is essential to capture the minds and hearts of youth.

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Leave the workshop with: The notes I took are a wealth of practical, factual information and educated opinion about writing and publishing books aimed at children. Previously, she worked as a publicist at Fierce Ink Books, wriring independent publisher that specialized in young adult books.

In addition, apart from informal writing and examinations, at least pages of writing should be assigned e. The English Department has been the home of the Theatre Studies Program for more than twenty-five years.

We also offer courses in the English-language literature of countries that were once part of the British colonial empire and, after independence, the British Commonealth.

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Plus, a marketing expert will offer practical tips for writers. For more information, including details on the workshop, accommodations, and how to register, visit creativearts.

Two years after taking this workshop, my first book was published with Annick Press. Such courses integrate a significant amount of writing and opportunities for revision into the work of the course, providing a variety of formal and informal occasions for students to write and learn the goals, assumptions and key concepts of a course.


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Enhance your ability to think about, understand, and interact with our increasingly complex society. Three hours a week. There will be lots of time for questions.

How does self-publishing work and is it for me? Currently, there are two Theatre Studies courses, which are both cross-listed with English and open to all students. For further information, contact Richard Lemm at or rlemm upei. List of Writing Intensive Courses.

Want more information about University Writing Minor? Fiction writers and poets will give us glimpses of a passionate affair between a puritanical man and a sensual woman; a friendship between a young prince and a stable boy in a medieval kingdom; the challenges of gender identity, sexuality, and amorous relationships in the 21 st century; the blessings and tribulations of childhood and parenting; the vortex of substance abuse and rehabilitation; the spectrum of longings, sorrows, revelations, and joys that rainbows our lives.

After Penguin she joined Humber College. Annick was recently nominated for International Publisher of the Year.

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Calendar Courses Level. Annick has been recognized as one of the most innovative publishers of fiction, non-fiction and picture books for children and young adults, publishing, among others, Robert Munsch, Sharon McKay, Kathy Stinson, Allan Stratton, and Kevin Sylvester.