This site is also available in the following languages: Inert hadron reaction for the determination of the pomeranchuk trajectory slope – Barger, Vernon D. News 21 arXiv: Is the nonmonotonic behavior in the cross section of phi photoproduction near threshold a signature of a resonance? A Coupled-channel analysis for phi-photoproduction with Lambda – Ozaki, S. Empirical transverse charge densities in the nucleon and the nucleon-to-Delta transition – Carlson, Carl E.

Cited on pages 93 and C77 arXiv: B arXiv: C12 1 DL-PE. Information References 73 Citations 43 Files Plots. An SU 3 model for strong interaction symmetry and its breaking. Confirmation of quark-hadron duality in the neutron Faa 2 structure function – Malace, S.

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Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering off $^4$He – INSPIRE-HEP

Deeply virtual Compton scattering off nuclei – Kirchner, A. Unique electron polarimeter analysing power comparison and precision spin-based energy measurement, Phys. Quantum chromodynamics and other field theories on the light cone – Brodsky, Stanley J. C81 arXiv: C86 arXiv: Final-state interactions in semi-inclusive deep inelastic scattering off the Deuteron – Cosyn, Wim et al.


Photoproduction of the $f_1()$ Meson – INSPIRE-HEP

Neutron detection in the CLAS jlba C12 1 DL-PE. Testing the limits of the Single Particle Model in 16 O e ep: Evolution and models for skewed parton distributions – Musatov, I. The preliminary data, together with the world data and several theoretical predictions of this quantity as a function of the transferred momentum are displayed in right. The column headings below should be self-explanatory. BErratum: Cited on pagesand Information References 55 Citations 63 Files Plots.

Nuclear Interaction Group – Previous Research Programs – 1995 ~ 2009

The results summarized below are from the Ph. Phi meson and unitary symmetry model – Okubo, S. Slow proton production in deep inelastic neutrino scattering on deuterium – Bosveld, G.

clas jlab thesis

For each of five bins in W that are each Thewis wide centered at 2. Nuclear medium modifications of hadrons from generalized parton distributions – Liuti, S. Vector Meson Production by Polarized Photons at 2. Inert hadron reaction for the determination of the pomeranchuk trajectory slope – Barger, Vernon D.


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clas jlab thesis

Very high-energy collisions of hadrons – Feynman, Richard P. B32 DESY Real and virtual Compton scattering off the nucleon – Vanderhaeghen, Marc Eur. C86 arXiv: The error bars are essentially statistical but include the fit uncertainties associated with background subtraction. Vector Meson Production by Polarized Photons at 2. Semiinclusive thedis inelastic electron scattering off the deuteron and the neutron to proton structure function ratio – Simula, Silvano Phys.

C88Addendum: Information References 73 Citations 43 Files Plots. New measurements of high-momentum nucleons and short-range structures in nuclei – Fomin, N. Photoproduction and forbidden decays of phi mesons – Alvensleben, H. It provides stringent conditions on theoretical models.