Probability — H — Venn Diagrams v2. Chrismtmas Bauble Puzzle Non-Calculator. Can you give me an idea of how long my son should take to complete these sheets please? JustMathsMel May 8, at 9: Pupils should be taught to calculate arc lengths, angles and areas of sectors of circles more

Angles subtended by an arc in the same segment of a circle are equal. Chrismtmas Bauble Puzzle 2 Non-Calculator. I will make available as a zip file when the solutions are all done. Some schools are now using these as standard homeworks across the maths department, in other schools one or two teachers are using them every now and then. Algebra Christmas Tree Problem Foundation.

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Helen Brooke January 7, at 3: This post tells the story of Pret Homeworks – where they came from, how they work, why they’re great and what’s coming next. Teacher January 22, at We all often use the starters as the pupils come in the door and get settled as we take the register.

It is often very useful to revise or explore other concepts by using a starter based on a totally different area of Mathematics. Years 10 and 11 Pupils should be taught to identify and apply circle definitions and properties, including: Hi Mark — yes you are correct … I have updated to include this too.


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An introduction to circle theorems followed by ten online multiple choice questions. Homepage Have today’s Starter of the Day as your default homepage. JustMathsMel February 13, at 5: A triangle made by radii form an Isosceles triangle.

circle theorems homework tes

cirlce I recently asked on Twitter for feedback from teachers who use Pret Homeworks. Alternate Segment Theorem — The angle between a tangent and a chord through the point of contact is equal to the angle subtended by the chord in the alternate segment.

JustMathsMel April 23, at Bernice Bushell February 9, at A triangle made by radii form an Isosceles triangle Figure 2: JD September 10, at 7: Great work and very useful worksheets to work on. It was lucky I spotted this tweet in my busy Twitter feed because it turned out to be the start of something big.

circle theorems homework tes

Never mind you have put the soloutions up, thank you very much for creating this its extremely helpful. Lots of good ideas for starters.

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The angle subtended at the centre of a circle is twice the angle subtended at the circumference Figure 6: Statistics — H — Scatter Graphs v2. You can sign up using one of the buttons below: How many figures of pi can you memorise?


circle theorems homework tes

JustMathsMel December 6, at 8: Joe June 28, at 9: Keep up the good work”. Is this a mistake or am I going mad? Hiya — should be updated now. Anonymous March 8, at Number 2 Progressive Overload 90 Questions.

Aimed at Foundation but could be used as fluency revision for higher students also. A grid on cidcle students can play ‘noughts and crosses’ by answering questions involving circle theorems and other geometrical properties of shapes Note: Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.