Sufficient painted decoration survives within the niches to show that their back and side walls were originally coated with white plaster, with a band of red paint just above impost level on the rear walls decorated with a white trellis design. The garrison surrendered and Kemeys was summarily executed. London HMSO , , 2nd ed. Construction is generally of large blocks of grey coursed rubble , but the pilasters are of yellow sandstone blocks, more accurately squared, that may be reused Roman material. Of course this does not mean he did not begin the work. When the sentiments of our companion coincide with our own in things of this kind, which are obvious and easy, and in which, perhaps, we never found a single person who differed from us, though we, no doubt, must approve of them, yet he seems to deserve no praise or admiration on account of them.

Dodwell ,Manchester , The whole site is a lesson in longevity. Century after century, the castle grew and grew along its narrow cliff top ridge. The castle as viewed from the south. Chepstow’s massive twin tower gatehouse set against a cloudless blue sky, provided excellent photo opportunities.

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However, the Welsh advance was checked at the Battle of Pwll Melynoutside the walls of Usk Castleand accordingly Chepstow was not attacked. Chepstow Castle was built in the years immediately following the Norman invasion by William FitzOsbern, who was one of courssework key supporters of William I.

In this were chesptow round towers; one at the southern junction with the lower bailey curtain, overlooking the Dell, and the other towards the northern end. Chepstow Castle is situated on a narrow ridge between the limestone river cliff and a valley, known locally as the Dell, on its landward side. Despite their differences, when Richard I became King inCast,e was granted permission to marry Isabella de Clare which immediately made him one of the wealthiest and most powerful magnates in the Kingdom.


chepstow castle coursework

C and Rothwell, H ed T he Great Hall and dramatic cliff-side at Chepstow are the castle’s two most interesting features. It contains no living quarters or garderobes, and its Upper Hall seems to be designed as a reception room for ceremonial purposes, such as receiving homage.

Of course this does not mean he did not begin the work.

In this period, between coursewrk death of William Marshal in and the death of the last two sons, Walter and Anselm, inan Upper Barbican with a simple gatehouse and a round SW tower was added to the western end of the Upper Bailey.

Masonry was plundered from nearby Caerwent Roman Town to provide material for the new structure.

Chepstow Castle, Chepstow, Monmouthshire · The Corpus of Romanesque Sculpture in Britain & Ireland

Knight, Chepstow Castle and Port Wall: However, although the period saw significant Anglo-Welsh fighting ultimately culminating in the Welsh Wars of Independence, it seems construction of the town wall may have had more to do with tax than defence. Because of this, courdework site has a special significance to British history.

The west interior wall has two plain oculi in the gableand below them it is decorated with a blind arcade of four bays.

Above this is the Lower Hall, to which the east doorway, originally reached via a timber staircase, gave access. There is no evidence for a settlement there of any size before the Norman invasion of Walesalthough it is possible that the castle site itself may have previously been a prehistoric or early medieval stronghold.

View from NE across river Wye. Condition of England — source-based paper A2 F The river marks the southern courseworrk of the border with Wales and was heavily fortified in the Medieval era – Chepstow, MonmouthSt Braviels, Goodrich and Hereford castles were all built along its couesework.


This is obvious in the case of sites offering local peculiarities. After the Restoration the Marquess was reinstated, but the king retained Chepstow as a barracks, appointing Henry, Lord Herbert, the heir, as governor. But I forget myself; we librarians are like Kentucky whiskey—some are better than others, but there are no bad ones!

chepstow castle coursework

For details of its later history, see Turner Somewhere is the combination that you want. Follow our History Blog. The twin round towered Gatehouse at Chepstow was built by William Marshal in the late twelfth century. Chepstow, along with other castles built by FitzOsbern, were taken into Crown ownership.

Few castles in Britain tell the story of medieval fortification, from beginning to end, as does cast,e mighty stronghold. At A2 students develop their historical skills further with coursework that considers a range of historical interpretations and an exam that explores historical themes.

Over the years, the castle was enlarged by a series of builders.

Chepstow Castle, Chepstow, Monmouthshire

The unique history of each all but guarantees our future coursewirk. C and Greeaway, G. While Edward had his master castle builder in the person of James of St.

chepstow castle coursework

Unusually, when raised, the portcullis closing off the wall-walk below would have stood in front of the altar. The ruins were Grade I listed on 6 December Marshal died in and was succeeded by each of his five sons in turn.