My friends Johnny Bravo and a snake. There is also another interpretation that it is a derivative of the Turkic root word ‘Char’, which means a “precipice”. The geological formation of the canyon consists of sedimentary red sandstone that has been subject to the “atmogenic process” defined in Websters dictionary as “atmospheric origin by condensation, wind action, or deposition from volcanic vapors” [6] of water and wind erosion resulting in “rare and colourful formations” in the form of sculptures. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The National park was founded on 23 February Please treat others with respect.

And only about 20 km I have seen a siting cat with a tail and a head of a dinosaur. Back to the Kazakhstan Discovery home page. The landscapes are virtually miraculous there. Chilled and calm although current is pretty strong. But views from downstairs are simply breathtaking and awe-inspiring. It takes ,5 hours to get to the Canyon from Almaty.

The multicolored rock layers are the product of different stages of sediment deposits, which includes volcanic lava rocks at the bottom, andred debris on top. Charyn Canyon is one of the most unique natural monuments of Kazakhstan.

What kind of things you see in those impressive formations. Bath is all you need to regain your powers for the way back.

Charyn Canyon

Retrieved from ” https: Created by wind, sun and water. Styles vary from Muslim shrines and minarets to Christian Orthodox cathedrals…. We translate Global Voices stories to make the world’s citizen media available to everyone.


charyn canyon essay

The rock formations, the colours resemble that of the Grand Canyon. From there, a signposted road leads to the parking area of the canyon over a distance of 9 kilometres 5. Outline Index Category Portal.

Charyn Canyon – Valley of Castles – My Travel Affairs

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charyn canyon essay

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Charyn Canyon – Valley of Castles

Submitted addresses will be confirmed by email, and used only to keep you up to date about Global Voices and our mission. By essat this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The rocks and slopes round the area resemble the old ruines left from the ancient fortresses.

When you get to the Valley of Castles, you feel like you are at an architecture [exhibition] featuring masterpieces of canyno and neo-organic architecture of the past and present.

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Keep driving, riding or walking on this main road. Though it is much smaller than the Grand Canyonit has been described as being equally impressive. But the most famous area of unique interest in the Park is certainly Charyn Canyon. Opening a deep gorge.

Official web essay of the Government of Kazakastan. Charyn Canyon, view down to Valley of Castles.

Charyn – National Park, Canyon and River

Both these interpretations fit the site conditions where the terrain is precipitous, and ash trees are found. Charyn Canyon Location in Kazakhstan.

Prehistory Saka Kangju Wusun Huns. Email will not be published required. If you don’t intend to descend as far as the River to the depth of the Canyon, then a 2WD will do you, as the cnayon is not as bad as you expect. Fishing for the local species of fish called ” Naked Osman ” is also common. Inhabited by weird creatures Gorge of witches.

charyn canyon essay