You must also give the School a copy of your thesis declaration form, in which you sign a declaration that the electronic copy submitted to Turnitin is an exact copy of the copies submitted for examination. When you submit your corrected thesis you must also submit a separate document giving a brief description of how you have completed each modification. It is very rare for there to be more than two examiners and a chairperson. Graduation ceremonies “Degree Congregations” are held every July and December. Please refer to Regulation 7. The hardbound copy of the thesis will be catalogued and made available as a reference only item from a date after the formal graduation ceremony has taken place.

For theses subject to an option B, C or D access restriction, the Creative Commons licence will apply after the thesis becomes openly available online. The School checks their suitability and nominates them to the University, which then formally approves and appoints them. You should receive a letter from the University beforehand asking whether you wish to attend. Hence it is important to make sure you have satisfactorily covered all the required corrections before you submit them. The regulations lay down word limits for theses – for example, 50, words for a Computer Science PhD -, and when you submit you must fill in a word length declaration form declaring the word length. You should receive an email from the University telling you the deadline for these; the deadline will be about a month before the graduation ceremony. However, Research Student Admin will not send the hard copy on to the examiners until the School have confirmed that the Turnitin report is satisfactory.

One good method is to:. Benefits of Option A: Fill in the form and send it in three months before you intend to hand in your thesis. This page is designed to guide you to appropriate sources of information about submitting a thesis for the Gkidelines of Birmingham once you have written it and to answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

Have been supported by commercial interests and contain potentially commercially sensitive intellectual property up to 4 years Are subject to a contractual or legal undertaking between the thesis author and a third party up to 4 years Are subject to ongoing negotiation with publishers for future monograph publication up guixelines 2 years Please be advised that an option A, B or C restriction are appropriate access choices if you plan to publish in journals Ramirez et al.


You can stop the deposit and return later at any stage by choosing ‘Save and return’ or delete everything you have entered so far by choosing ‘Cancel’. Under the terms of option B guidellnes electronic thesis is not freely available to download within a period of time reasonably set by the author, however the library is authorised to supply full-text electronic copies to individual requesters and organisations provided the work is to be utilised for non-commercial purposes.

Read the requirements and guidwlines the box guidelined accept the terms.

Thesis binding at the University of Birmingham

If your thesis is a contender, and has the support of the examiners, then it should be entered through the School – contact the Research Students Tutor. Thesis Writing University Of Birmingham.

Your surname, the year of your award, your degree: The stated maximum number of words excludes tables, diagrams including associated legendsappendices, references, footnotes and endnotes, the bibliography and any bound published material. Projects – If applicable, provide the project name or grant number. Doctoral theses will normally be submitted to EThOSand all etheses can be found using internet search engines.

Guidance notes and application forms are online. You must also give the School a copy of your thesis declaration form, in which you sign a declaration that the electronic copy submitted to Turnitin is an exact copy of the copies submitted for examination.

Thesis submission and examination

There are two traps to avoid. Late submissions, even if only a day late, will not be accepted – you will have to apply for an extension.

Organisational Structure – institution is already filled in for you.

bham thesis guidelines

Forms and other thesis enquiries You can find information on submitting your thesis, including forms and queries about content, submission dates, examination and degree-awarding procedures, from Research Student Administration RSA. Having clicked the “Deposit Thesis” button, you will be taken to the deposit requirements screen: The length of time an Option D Embargo is awarded for varies depending on the circumstances.


The thesis is supplied on an all rights reserved basis meaning authors maintain copyright and does not limit what the author can go on to do with the work.

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Bham thesis guidelines / essay helpers

There is no second chance byam further major corrections. The information you need to provide includes: You should receive a letter from the University beforehand asking whether you wish to attend. The other is for the School library, and you should give it to the School Librarian.

Notes on the Arrangements of Theses and their Preparation for Binding. While you are making your modifications, keep in regular contact with your supervisor by sending a brief progress report each month.

So, it is important to:. The original material is then hidden from the marker, either by not referencing it properly, by paraphrasing it or by not mentioning it at all.

bham thesis guidelines

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