It’s from Scholastic Scope – Septemeber. Poetry MCT2 Review 2. For scatter plots that suggest a linear association, informally fit a straight line, and informally assess the model fit by judging the closeness of the data points to the line. McIntyre in the library learning how to research books on Destiny. If you need any help or have questions, please ASK!

Present ; complete probable passage for Create a family tree diagram for Cleopatra. The History of Teeth; looking for NF signposts. Case 21 48 2. Better understand text features; add headings to writing, and captions to pictures. Write and define theme; practice determining theme in text; Determine theme in film.

This assignment will be due Friday, April Complete 5th grade passage for data collection. Introduce How They Croaked research answering this prompt: Write precise descriptions pg.

8th grade homework chms

Be respectful — Each student is expected to show respect, cooperate, and be considerate of teachers and fellow students. Using a Frayer model, define the following: WED – Policies and procedures of the classroom.


How is it treated? This 9 week’s essential questions are: Columbus suffered from an illness called Gout.

Bullying policy 1 Character 1 Homework. Clickity Clink More Scary Stories pg.

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Complete the plot diagram attached. Students will share their persuasive essays with classmates 3. If you have any questions concerning your child’s assignment, or getting to the assignment, please don’t hesitate to email me. Wear your Mustang spirit clothing. Students will read the article “Burp, Rumble, Toot” and then creating a collage of information based on standardized test questions.

Wear your favorite college shirt to support your team!! Why or why not? Complete the poetry portion of the midpoint assessment. Character, plot, theme, summarizing, writing a response answer, using context clues to determine meaning. Dress up as your future Career!

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If not, I strongly urge you to get one. Do your circumstances define who you are?

8th grade homework chms

Complete “Who Are Graee Students also received passwords to get onto the Literature book online. Discuss the possible reasons for Palacio doing this.


Combos that make a meal is what the food bank needs.

Introduce the Boys Who Fought Hitler- front load vocabulary. Conference; write final draft 2. Make sure that you have all of your belongings with you prior to class starting. If you can NOT afford to do something like this, I have alternate extra credit potential for your child. Separate But Never Equal Blue workbook pg.

Using Disney movies, students will determine themes within the stories. Students must complete homeqork reading and short answer section for homework. As the teacher reads Ch. Lead a reciprocal lesson while students read and identify signposts within the text.